Blogging in 2017

blogging in 2017 -

And since 2016 is coming to an end, here’s a a little touch of nostalgia from the world of blogging. Has anyone else dared to look back as well? Has anyone else remembered the golden age of Fanlistings, Collectives, Graphic Design sites, Web Templates (div, table, frame) sites, as well as the diary-like blogs from more than 10 years ago?

Personal Blogging Today

Surprisingly, there are still active personal blogs out there. The kind of blogs that existed way before these profitable niche-specific blogs became popular. Way back when I was 11 years old (year 2005), I discovered the world of personal blogging. People were using CuteNews or LiveJournal as their Content Management System or Blogging Platform; and instead of mailing lists (aka subscribers), there were Link Exchanges or Blog Buddies.

I’ve only learned about Blogger and WordPress 2 years later (way back 2007-2008, I was 13-14 years old).

Aesthetics Has Evolved, Too

Back then, respective site owners designed and coded their own templates, with all the grungy backgrounds and anime character foreground aesthetic, as opposed to today’s modern minimalist themes. From what I can remember, using CuteNews meant putting codes to a web template depending on where you want your blog entries to appear. Because of this, web templates were popular, and people were encouraged to learn HTML and CSS in order to familiarize themselves with all of these confusing codes that they’re working with.

I studied HTML and CSS, too, by myself – and at some point, wanted to have my own website that offers free web templates, but I was more focused on drawing and painting than that.

Establishing a Webspace

Eventually, in 2011, I signed up for a free webspace at Three-Words, and never switched hosts ever since. I love it here, and I love my lovely host’s (Misaki) helpfulness and dedication. I already used and worked with WordPress. At first, I coded my own WordPress theme from scratch, but since mobile-responsiveness was already becoming a thing and I never have the time anymore to study new trends in web coding, I considered using pre-made themes.

For Now

I decided to just stay with a personal blog, just writing all about what I like and what I do.

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